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    Healthy gift baskets in Los Angeles

    Am I able to change the flower arrangement of the gift basket?

    When wanting to make changes to any gift basket, it is best to choose “Custom Juice Basket.” You are able to choose from all the flower arrangements. Make sure to choose the flower arrangement by clicking on the name on the drop down selection. Once you have clicked on a name the picture will change, but if you click on a picture, it will not save your selection.


    Why isn't the "ADD TO CART" button working?

    You must type in the recipients zip code right below the "ADD TO CART" button in order to activate this button.


    Am I able to place an order for a gift basket to be delivered on a future date?

    Yes, we prefer to have placed orders for future dates.


    Am I able to place an order on the same day I want it delivered?

    We do not offer same day delivery. Orders must be placed by 8 pm, for a next day delivery.


    Can I pick up my order?

    Not at the moment. At the moment we do not have a store front. We make all of our juices in a commercial kitchen incubator. The facility does not allow pick up orders.


    Does Fabiola Flowers & Edible Gifts offer corporate gifting?

    Yes. Please email or call us to start coordinating corporate edible gift baskets, volume, date and time of delivery.


    When are the edible gift baskets delivered?

    We do deliveries Monday - Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm. You may request a specific time frame for gift basket to be delivered. We will contact you if we need to coordinate a different time frame. Please see “Terms & Conditions” page for more information.


    How many days are the juices good for?

    We do not pasteurize our juices. All of our juices are made on the day of delivery. Juices are good for 3 days (stored in a refrigerator). By the 4th and 5th day the juices might still be safe to drink, but the taste changes and it will have lost nutritious value.


    How long does the flower arrangement last?

    Depending on the flowers used in the flower arrangement, flowers stay fresh for about a week. During cooler weather, flowers tend to stay fresh longer.

    Tip: Keep the jar filled 1/4 of measurement with filtered water. Filling the glass jar to the top with water will wilt the flowers.


    How can I make use of my wooden caddy and the glass jars afterwords?

    There are many ways you can make use of them afterwords. You may use the wooden caddy to hold an herb garden on your kitchen counter. The glass jars can be used as planters for each herb seed you wish to grow. The wooden caddy and glass jars can be used to organize arts a crafts material. You may also like to use them to hold drinks when going out on a picnic.