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    Healthy Organic Gifts in Los Angeles


    We offer healthy gift baskets delivered in the Los Angeles area. A healthy gift basket with organic cold-pressed fruit and and vegetable juices. Each basket comes with a lovely flower arrangement. These unique gift baskets are designed for gift receivers who seek healthy food options, and who like to refresh themselves with a juice cleanse.

    About Our Juices

    The vegetable juices are citrus-fruit and cruciferous vegetable free. The ingredients selected for our green juices are the least bitter tasting. All the juices are tasteful without a sharp aftertaste.

    The fruit juices are singular ingredients. This allows for the full taste of the fruit.

    Our juices are designed for people who have a sensitive stomach to raw foods. When someone is introducing raw foods to their digestive system, it is best to do it with the least acidic and with the simplest mixture of raw ingredients. This way, the digestive system is allowed to gradually detoxify the body without having stomach discomforts.

    Our Juices Are:

    • Organic
    • GMO Free
    • Cold-Pressed
    • Unpasteurized
    • Made Daily

    Preparation of Ingredients

    We start by cleaning each ingredient. Ingredients are soaked for 10 minutes in a mix of vinegar and water. Followed by a 30 second rinse. The leafy greens are spun to dry. We then remove the nutrient inhibitors of each ingredient. Some fruit and vegetables are peeled and then seeded. They are then ready for grinding and cold-pressing.

    Our Belief

    Ingredients at their raw state, should be removed of their nutrient inhibitors and be eaten with foods of similar molecular structure.


    Fabiola Mucito Verduzco
    Fabiola Mucito Verduzco,


    Fabiola is fascinated as to how the food people consume effects them. One of her hobbies include reading books on anything food-diet related. She is so fascinated that she puts herself through numerous diets. Curious to find out how each diet makes her feel, and as to what changes occur on her physicality. Her main focus is studying how our culture relates to food. Consequently, Fabiola Flowers & Edible Gifts was born.

    We are living in a time where food that is depleted in nutrients and is high in sugar, is abundant and cheap. We reward ourselves, gift it and celebrate with unhealthy food as if it is only worth having on special occasions. The truth today is the very opposite. We no longer feel special when consuming our Birthday cake or the box of chocolates on Valentine's Day. Fabiola Flowers & Edible Gifts is contributing to this positive change in perspective with healthy gift baskets. 

    Fabiola holds two food-handler certifications. She has 10 years of food related work experience; working for her mother's catering business. Fabiola hopes to continue to contribute her skills and knowledge through Fabiola Flowers & Edible Gifts. She is excited for the evolution of her unique gift baskets.